What Do Girlfriends Do? They Fuck!
A question that I am frequently asked is what do girlfriends do when they are alone? Well, since I am not a girl I can't really say for sure, but if the girls on seemygf.com are any indication, then I would say that it is something that is really going to get the blood pumping to your loins.

I only say that because the girlfriends on this porn site are true sluts. When these girls are alone with their girlfriend, then there are probably going to start experimenting with pussy eating and lesbian sex. If it is just two girls and a guy, then you can probably guess that they are going to be having one hell of a hot MFF porn scene going on. And if these girls are alone, then expect plenty of solo masturbation action.

It seems like every time I head over to this site I see something overtly sexual. I never see these amateur girlfriends sipping ice tea and doing their homework, or helping their boyfriends work on their cars. No, it's just all sex all of the time. So I guess that my answer is going to be that when girlfriends are alone all they are doing is fucking.